Mouawad, a family-owned venture established in 1970 by Milad El Ghazal Mouawad.

Boasts three generations of rich heritage in the construction industry. We’ve earned trust through our commitment and expertise, carrying forward a legacy of excellence, innovation, and professionalism. With diverse sector expansions, we maintain our core values, delivering quality projects with passion and experience, standing as a leading construction company that builds success project after project.

Imagine a future where structures aren’t just buildings but vibrant hubs where people connect, communicate, and thrive securely. That vision birthed our journey, putting the public and end-users first. Over a quarter of a century later, we’ve emerged as a regional powerhouse in construction and project management, regardless of scale or purpose.

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Welcome to Mouawad, a company founded by Milad Mouawad and his sons, along with the skilled engineer Charles Edde. We specialize in public works, building construction, and real estate development, catering to various projects, from individual villas to extensive highway networks. Our strategic partnerships have transformed us into one of Lebanon’s most dynamic construction ventures, a recent accomplishment being the infrastructure and road network for the revamped Beirut Central District.

Are you considering an investment? Consulting Mouawad is a wise move. With a proven track record, we’ve become one of Lebanon’s top contractors for turnkey projects. Our management principles prioritize on-time delivery, cutting-edge materials, and adherence to international standards.


Building isn’t just a job for us; it’s our passion at Mouawad. We are committed to excellence and offer services such as Pre-Construction, General Contracting, and Construction Management. Our expertise spans various sectors, including infrastructure, roads, bridges, and public/private buildings.

city blu

CityBlu, part of the Mouawad Group, was born from a vision of creating secure and interactive spaces within structures, roads, and buildings. Over a quarter of a century later, CityBlu stands proudly as a regional leader in construction and project management, handling projects of all scales.

In 2017, CityBlu expanded its horizons into waste management, revolutionizing the industry. With 1100 skilled employees and a fleet of 129 vehicles, we collect 2000 tons of waste daily, serving 89 municipalities and 1.5 million clients. Our City Cleaning operations cover 1300 km daily, ensuring cleanliness in 14 towns.


CityBlu’s tailored waste management techniques cover everything from sorting to recycling. We collect paper, plastics, metals, and glass, allowing customers to segregate recyclables. Our responsibilities include scheduled pickups, delivering materials to recycling centers, and providing recycling tips for environmental awareness.


Prime Solutions & Services is your gateway to innovative, smart city infrastructure, ICT, and IoT solutions. Established in 1999, we’ve expanded our regional presence in Lebanon, Qatar, Egypt, and UAE, becoming a leading name in delivering high-end tailored solutions.

At Prime Solutions & Services, we’re at the heart of the Smart Cities transformation journey, providing turnkey solutions from design to execution. Our team of experts collaborates with businesses to understand challenges, offering bespoke technical support across industry verticals.


  • CONSULTANCY: Protect your investment with expert consultants.
  • DESIGN & ENGINEERING: Expert specification and functional design tailored to project needs.
  • IMPLEMENTATION: Qualified experts trained in the latest technologies for seamless setup.
  • AFTER SALES SUPPORT: Ensuring your solutions remain optimized for ongoing success.